Idle Home Makeover

Idle Home Makeover helps your home planner and building career. It’s a fantastic designer and a beautiful 3D house game.

The game allows users to show that they are the best home décor experts and designers. You’ll be able to transform your design dreams into reality with the 3D decors and home makeovers.

Idle Home Makeover also allows players to customize homes with beautiful interiors and decors.
The game offers a catalog that contains different items to aid the process of construction.

Looking for a new creative hobby? Ready to become the best home decorator in town.
Sharpen your decorating skills and design visually stunning three dimensional houses!

You can choose a variety of exterior items from a comprehensive catalog to remodel your house just the way you like it, making it that much easier to bring your dream home to life!

Renovate and design from scratch and showcase your creativity by constructing the most amazing houses. Design lawns, Select the paint, Work on the roof and walls to complete the dream house makeover.

Click here to play a game on Android and iOS

Idle Home Makeover on Android

Idle Home Makeover on iOS

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