Murder Hornet

Murder Hornet

Murder Hornet, an action game with the aim to shoot enemies, is developed by Lion Studios, gets popularity with the direct gameplay. With playing Murder Hornet on PC, players can get the benefits of a bigger screen and high-quality graphics.

Murder Hornet

Tips for Playing Murder Hornet on PC and Android, iOS.

1. Steer the hornet and give the aim a sting like Headshot. Remember also to find a key in the game.

2. The game allows players to make multi-strike stings, which means the hornet can bite more people.

3. After unlocking more levels, players will unlock more skins and scenes.

4. There will be a bonus level that players can get more coins and you can choose to start by watching ad videos.

5. There will also offer a VIP challenge which means getting more coins for shooting the special aim. you can choose whether to challenge or not.

Click here to play a game on Android and iOS

Murder Hornet Murder Hornet

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