VIP Guard

VIP Guard

VIP Guard is the main purpose of this game is to save people save and you are rescuers who have to save people’s lives in different situations. To save people’s lives you have to use your rescuer skills and other built-in equipment.

There are many rescue game son the internet people who love to play rescue games. In some rescue games, you are a brave chopper pilot who has to rescue people from the water and transport them back to the hospital using your helicopter.

VIP Guard

But this game is a little bit different other rescue games because in this you are like a brave soldier who rescues people from thieves and other terrorists and rescues them and safely transport them to their homes.

This is an android game developed and offered by Gismart for android users from all around the world who want to play a new arcade game in which they can rescue people in different situations and safely transport them to their homes.

One of the best things about this game is that it is an online game and designed for all age group people who want to be the rescuer in the future. This game can be easily playable on all types of smartphones and tablets such as Samsung, Apple, iPad, iPhone, and other android systems.

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VIP Guard VIP Guard

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