Spiral Roll

Spiral Roll

Spiral Roll is a beautiful, exciting and quite addictive casual arcade game for your android smartphone that will make your leisure time a little brighter, and also give a lot of unique emotions, without taking a lot of time!

Play wherever you want and whenever you like, because in the Spiral Roll you will find short but extremely exciting game levels, as well as a variety of bonuses and unique achievements.

Spiral Roll

In Spiral Roll, you will learn how to control a real scraper and scrape rounded pieces from a tree gutter bark, to use them to destroy the obstacles that await you ahead.

Be vigilant and do not lose concentration, because the most unexpected traps will be waiting for you on the way to the finish line! Spiral Roll will delight you with its simplicity, easy operation, high-quality 3D graphics and almost endless gameplay.

Download Spiral Roll Free for Android and iOS

Spiral Roll Spiral Roll

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