Blast City

Blast City

Do you what to become the hero of your city? Imagine what it’s like to be trusted by everyone in your city. The feeling and the thrill it comes with is unimaginable. This is a casual game, and Kwalee Ltd. offers it. You’d like the interactive elements it offers.

One of the amazing things about the game is that it is for children and adults. Its content is rated 7+, and it features mild violence. Are you wondering what’s so special about this game? You can only find out when you install it on your mobile device.

In Blast City, you’d play to become the hero of the city. You have one mission to achieve, and you can start by playing the game to know this mission.

Blast City

Will you accept your mission as the hero of the city? This mission involves using rocket science and navigating the city. You’re to destroy every evil headquarter with this strategy. With your powers, you can blast through your enemies and leave them in the rubble and smoke.

While carrying out your mission, it is important to monitor the fuel gauge. This is because you only have a limited supply; therefore, it is advisable to use it wisely. Do you want to watch your enemies burn in flames? Download this game now.

Download Blast City Free for Android

Blast City

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  1. Mosenergosbyt

    With stunningly beautiful graphics and adorable Buddies, Block Blast City is a puzzle game for people who want a relaxing challenge!

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