Swing Loops — Grapple Hook Race

Swing Loops

Swing Loops — Grapple Hook Race is a fun runner with bright environments that will give you the opportunity to take part in a unique race across the colorful game world.

Each level will be filled with obstacles and obstacles that your hero will have to overcome using a rope and his parkour skills. It is important to be as careful as possible in order to make accurate jumps in time, help yourself to accelerate with the help of a rope, and also cling to all kinds of supports.

Swing Loops

At every level you will not be the only one who takes part in the race , next to you there will be competing bots that are quite agile and fast, can you get ahead of them?

The levels will differ in their surroundings, a set of obstacles and supports for your precise jumps, as well as various tasks to overcome. Colorful graphics, simple one-touch controls, funny characters and interesting levels — all this awaits you in Swing Loops — Grapple Hook Race.

Download Swing Loops Free for Android and iOS

Swing Loops - Grapple Hook Race Swing Loops - Grapple Hook Race

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