Idle Workout

Idle Workout

Idle Workout is a cool simulator that reflects a fairly urgent problem. More specifically, in this game the user has to go through a difficult path from an overweight person to a bodybuilder.

Choose your hero and start training him. Develop a training plan exclusively for the character and make sure that he does not philon.

Go to the gym and do the following exercises:

  • Climbing stairs
  • Treadmill
  • Skip
  • Cross-training
  • Lifting dumbbells
  • Cycling
  • Bench press

Train your hero by burning fat and watch his body transform right before your eyes. And when you get rid of excess weight, the next stage of pumping will begin.

Idle Workout

Redesign your workout plan to start gaining muscle mass and creating beautiful relief. Do not give a reason to quit this business and you will see the very result that you never dreamed of.

Download Idle Workout Free for Android and iOS

Idle Workout Idle Workout

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