Cube Surfer

Cube Surfer

Cube Surfer — fascinating and bright time killer from the eminent developer for android devices .

In the Cube Surfer! you have to take control of a brave hero who knows how to surf not on waves, but on cubes along a wide variety of winding paths.

Here you will find the most unusual and sophisticated obstacles that can only be encountered in this type of surfing, namely sharp turns, narrow paths and real walls made of blocks, which not everyone can overcome. Are you ready to try yourself in the craziest and most fun surfing in the world?

Cube Surfer

Here you can surf not on one, but on several cubes at once, testing your reaction speed and attentiveness in practice. The most stylish, unusual and juicy cube skins have been prepared for you, such as watermelons, burgers, various types of animals and more.

Cube Surfer will delight gamers with simple and intuitive controls, colorful environments, fun gameplay and increasing difficulty levels, which will be an amazing leisure time for gamers of all ages.

Download Cube Surfer Free for Android and iOS

Cube Surfer Cube Surfer

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