Clean Up 3D

Clean Up 3D

Clean Up 3D is a fun and minimalistic casual project about a smart vacuum cleaner that takes a very responsible approach to its work.

Players will help him clean up the territory. And the more they collect garbage, the more the main character will become. This means that over time it will be able to operate in a street and even a city.

Sweeping away from his path in general everything that comes across to him. Become a huge and noisy monster, wipe the metropolis from the face of the earth, and then all of humanity.

Clean Up 3D

Become the ruler of the planet and strike at the entire universe. In the meantime, one should steadfastly and imperceptibly carry out the duties of cleaning the apartment, without attracting the attention of the orderlies.

Download Clean Up 3D Free for Android and iOS

Clean Up 3D Clean Up 3D


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