Merge Airplane: Cute Plane Merger

Merge Airplane

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own airline with millions of dollars in revenue? This simulator will give you the opportunity to master the aviation business and take possession of the most unique and expensive flying equipment with just one click!

At the beginning of the game, you will have at your disposal a small parking lot and one plane, which will make a profit by delivering valuable cargo. Click on it and get money, save earned and buy new parking slots and planes.

Merge Airplane

This game boasts an incredibly simple, but very entertaining and addictive gameplay, as well as colorful 2D graphics, comfortable one-touch controls and an uncluttered interface.

Several dozen of the most unique planes will be available to you as you successfully complete the game, develop your business and become a real tycoon, create your air empire today!

Download Merge Airplane Free for Android and iOS

Merge Airplane: Cute Plane Merger Merge Airplane: Cute Plane Merger

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