Imposter Solo Kill

Imposter Solo Kill

Imposter Solo Kill is an entertaining action puzzle game inspired by the game Among Us. The game takes place on a spaceship, where the crew is busy with their daily activities. However, there is an insidious traitor among them, who intends to kill every member!

You will just appear in the role of that very saboteur. Try to act as carefully as possible, kill the others one by one, waiting for the moment when the victim is left alone. After making sure that there are no witnesses around, get up to him from the back and do everything quickly.

It is necessary to destroy every single one in the allotted time. If you are noticed, then an emergency meeting will immediately be held, where they will discuss and vote who should be thrown out of the ship.

Imposter Solo Kill

There are several dozen levels, with different conditions. Management consists in the fact that you need to indicate the goal or the place where it is worth moving.

The graphics are bright and low-poly, which in no way interferes with enjoying the process. The game is completely free and there are no restrictions.

Download Imposter Solo Kill Free for Android and iOS

Imposter Solo Kill Imposter Solo Kill

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