Roof Rails

Roof Rails

Roof Rails is a dynamic runner project in which users become parkourists. Your task will be to overcome a huge number of obstacles. Any mistake made here is fatal, because you have to jump on the roofs of various buildings, and if you miscalculate the territory, you can fall down.

The character will run on his own, but you will need a quick reaction to the situation and be extremely attentive. If at first you just need to jump from roof to roof, then a little later the distance between buildings will increase, and you will need to look for ways to get to a certain point.

Roof Rails

Use assistive devices, such as handrails, to be able to jump to the building so you can get further and go through the location. Another complication is that the handrails will be shortened from time to time, and every second of delay can be a fatal mistake.

Do not forget to use the hacked version of Roof Rails for android, which assumes the mod is open to get additional features. Buy new skins, overcome incredibly difficult obstacles, go huge distances and beat game records.

Download Roof Rails Free for Android and iOS

Roof Rails Roof Rails

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