Freeze Rider

Freeze Rider

Freeze Rider is a dynamic arcade game in which the main character is a man who can make his way with the help of ice. The passage of the game will consist in moving through the levels and collecting cubes, with the help of which the character will be able to create a road.

At many stages, dangerous obstacles will interfere with the little man. At the end of the levels, the hero will be able to spend the remaining cubes to get additional points. In the future, this will allow you to overcome the obstacle course with greater efficiency.

Freeze Rider

What’s New

  • New exciting worlds and characters added.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Daily missions added.

Discover many beautiful environments, collect as much ice as you can to go as high as you can to then slide as far as you can! Guaranteed fun through this never-seen before new sliding experience.

Download Freeze Rider Free for Android and iOS

Freeze RiderFreeze Rider

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