Construction Set — Satisfying Constructor Game

Construction Set

This addictive puzzle game has a meditative gameplay, comfortable one-touch controls and an intuitive game mechanics that will make this game easy and accessible to gamers of all ages.

Here you can assemble a wide variety of constructions from the constructor, such as landscapes, scenes, world sights, buildings, cars and more. You can also train attentiveness, abstract thinking and quick wits in an interesting way.

The mechanics are pretty simple: you will have fragments and parts in front of you that you need to collect together, and in the corner of the playing field you can see hints.

Construction Set

There will be a lot of details, so you will not always be able to quickly pass the test, but you can enjoy the addictive gameplay at your own pace.

You will find a meditative atmosphere, simple controls, lots of details of various shapes, interesting scenes and designs, colorful 3D graphics, and game mechanics available for all ages.

Download Construction Set Free for Android and iOS

Construction Set - Satisfying Constructor Game Construction Set - Satisfying Constructor Game

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