Gear Race 3D

Gear Race 3D

Gear Race 3D is an arcade racing game for mobile platforms with attractive graphics and easy-to-learn gameplay. In Gear Race, you take part in thrilling races on difficult terrain, where you need to accelerate the racing car to maximum speed, while changing gears in time and bypassing your opponents to cross the finish line first.

Can you beat the fastest pilots and become the strongest driver?

In Gear Race 3D you will find many interesting gameplay innovations, for example, during the acceleration of the car, you need not only to correctly change gears, but also to monitor engine heating. As you defeat opponents in the race, you will earn gold coins, and then spend them on upgrading your car to become even faster than your opponents.

Gear Race 3D

Increasing engine power, cooling system, gearbox tuning and much more you need to fight the bosses that will confront you in the races. There are also exciting online tournaments against players from all over the world.

Download Gear Race 3D Free for Android and iOS

Gear Race 3D Gear Race 3D

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