Idle Construction 3D

Idle Construction 3D

Idle Construction 3D will be a real find for fans of simple, exciting and colorful games, so as it possesses elements of an economic simulator, a city builder and understandable game mechanics of the best Idle games.

Start with simple buildings, houses, schools, shops, and then take on complex, multi-story and dizzying beautiful projects and control their construction starting from the foundation. Click on the characters who will create amazing buildings by brick.

Idle Construction 3D

Take full control of the whole construction process: select the territory, clean it, hire workers and construction equipment, and also direct your employees and watch how your new building grows rapidly in height.

Each new building will bring you good income, and will also increase your skill level, which will open access to more grandiose buildings. Get various improvements, take on incredibly complex and beautiful projects, and also make an interesting path to the title of a real construction magnate.

Download Idle Construction 3D Free for Android and iOS

Idle Construction 3D Idle Construction 3D

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