High Heels

High Heels

High Heels is an arcade game in which you have to navigate an obstacle course in huge heels. However, the height of the shoe platform does not interfere here in any way, but will allow you to go as far as possible. Go around obstacles, collect bonuses along the way, increase the size of the soles and reach the finish line!

Here you will play the role of a beautiful girl who went for a walk wearing high-heeled shoes. She has to get to the fashion show. But on the road there was a huge number of various obstacles, in the form of low walls, spikes, stones and beams over the abyss. You can either get around them or go through them, only for this you need rather high heels.

High Heels

Pick up additional sections along the way, and increase the height of the soles of the shoes, which are eliminated when hitting an obstacle.

Also, collect diamonds during spawning, which can be spent on purchasing various skins and bonuses. For completing the level, you will also receive a reward and the opportunity to unlock unique accessories.

Each time, the difficulty of the passage increases, incredibly high walls, sudden cliffs and much more will appear!

Download High Heels Free for Android and iOS

High Heels High Heels

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