Sushi Roll 3D

Sushi Roll 3D

Build your restaurant, surprise your customers with delicious sushi, extraordinary noodles and other interesting dishes from the most unpredictable ingredients.

Do you like Japanese food? Do you know how to cook a variety of Japanese dishes? Build your cafe and show everyone your unique culinary talents in popular dishes such as sushi, noodles and more.

Your customers will order the most extraordinary Japanese cuisine from you, and you have to cook it. You will cook with a variety of ingredients, both edible and non-edible. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for something new.

Sushi Roll 3D

For example, make a roll with gold, jewelry and sprinkle it all with diamonds, because the main thing is that the client is satisfied. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with pleasant cash payments.

Surprise your customers, prepare food to their taste and get paid for it to develop your restaurant.

Become the most famous sushi man who can please any customer. Go through many levels to unlock new extraordinary fillings that will appeal to all your customers. Become a true master culinary master.

Sushi Roll 3D

Roll sushi, peel fish, grate cheese, put rice in special boxes, as well as many other mini-games that will take you into culinary art for a long time.

For the money you earn, you can upgrade your cooking tools, restaurant interior, furniture, and more.

Download Sushi Roll 3D Free for Android and iOS

Sushi Roll 3D Sushi Roll 3D

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