Fail Run

Fail Run

Fail Run is a game in which you literally control a person’s gait, whether you can get to the finish line and not fall.

You are required to tap the screen to move your legs without stumbling. At first, the tasks will be easy, like going to the finish line, but then obstacles appear, which somewhat complicates the gameplay.

Try to cope with difficulties of different configurations and heights, for example, you will need to climb stairs, step over an abyss, etc. Not only do you have to step over, aim and calculate the distance so as not to fall, but also danger can fly from above in the form of a swinging ball.

Fail Run

Time your steps and time accurately to reach the finish line. Complete the Fail Run levels and unlock unique outfits such as a policeman, plumber, firefighter, and more to dress your character in as you move on.

Walking on the toilets is easy, unless they are open, and office chairs on wheels will cause panic in a non-professional player, but you are sure of yourself and calculate every step on the way to victory.

Download Fail Run Free for Android and iOS

Fail Run Fail Run

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