Hide ‘N Seek

Hide 'N Seek

Good old hide and seek game, loved by millions and familiar to everyone since childhood, now migrated to mobile devices, but with a lot of unique innovations that will definitely not let you get bored.

In Hide N Seek you will participate in an exciting hide and seek tournament, and the action itself will take place on locations that resemble complex and intricate mazes with many interactive items.

Hide 'N Seek

At the very beginning of the game you will be offered a role to choose from, whether it’s a seeker or the one they will be looking for. Having decided on the role, go to the location and start the game!

During the match, you can not only hide in various objects, but also push other players so that they fall into the field of view of the seeker, thus getting rid of competitors. Hide N Seek it has a simple but very addictive gameplay, stylish 3D graphics and a warm atmosphere.

Download Hide ‘N Seek Free for Android and iOS

Hide 'N Seek Hide 'N Seek

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