Giant Run: Smash & Crash

Giant Run: Smash & Crash

Welcome to Giant Run: Smash & Crash! This is a fun game where you can unleash your smashing skills and destroy the entire world!

The game is simple and intuitive. You have a path of objects lying ahead of you. But this isn’t your typical parkour run game, where you have to avoid everything and don’t crash into objects, no.

You play as a cool Giant, and your only goal is to break through those obstacles and walls with ease! But remember to avoid metal fences, pitfalls, and traps, since they can’t be destroyed without your superpower! You can jump over them to avoid crashing.

Giant Run: Smash & Crash

Your rage grows as you move through the game. As soon as you fill the rage bar — you will enter into the berserker mode, and nothing will stop your Giant!

With your berserker mode, you will finally understand what «GIANT SMASH» means! Not even metal traps will be able to stop you!

Collect coins to upgrade your character from the scratch! Invest in any of the three main stats to make your giant invincible!

Unlock amazing skins designed after the famous characters from different media! You will recognize them as soon as you see them!

Download Giant Run: Smash & Crash Free for Android

Giant Run: Smash & Crash

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