Stack Colors

Stack Colors

Stack Colors has it! there is every chance to become a favorite entertainment for every day for gamers of all ages, thanks to its simple game mechanics, the lack of the need to connect to the Internet, colorful design and easy gameplay.

You can spend your free time wherever and whenever you like, enjoying interesting trials with the relentlessly increasing complexity and meditative atmosphere of what is happening on the screen of your android device.

Stack Colors
Here you have to build huge towers, structures of multi-colored blocks, but with one caveat — your building should consist of elements of the same color. And then you need to push it properly so that it scatters to the maximum distance, and you yourself will earn points and game currency.

Passing through certain barriers, the shades of the blocks and the entire building will be painted in new colors, it is important not to lose or skip blocks in order to build the highest possible structure.

Download Stack Colors Free for Android and iOS

Stack Colors Stack Colors

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