Rolly Legs

Rolly Legs

Fun arcade game with simple controls and addictive gameplay that will awaken in you excitement and spirit of competition.

In Rolly Legs, you can take part in a crazy confrontation in which you need to overcome an obstacle course while controlling a two-legged robot. Each level is a unique path filled with traps and unexpected surprises, can you take first place in this confrontation?

Rolly Legs

The rules of the game in Rolly Legs are very simple — you need to start your upright robot on the starting line and start running, then touch the smartphone display at the moment when the character needs to jump and overcome the obstacle.

Rolly Legs will offer you a lot of exciting levels, beautiful graphics, a large number of skins for characters, as well as a fun gameplay that will raise your mood.

Download Rolly Legs Free for Android and iOS

Rolly Legs Rolly Legs

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