Ball Run 2048

Ball Run 2048

Ball Run 2048 — the point is to collect the ball with the number 2048 after completing the obstacle course.

The ball will roll forward on its own, but you are required to find balls with the same number in order to double the value.

For example, combining 4 will be 8, then 16, 32, etc., you get a ball with a maximum number of 2048.

Ball Run 2048

However, be careful, there are sharp spikes on the road, when touched with which the ball is divided by two and thus the number on it decreases. Also, too small balls will not pass the bridge laid across the abyss.

There is nothing complicated in Ball Run 2048, the attempts are also endless, so you will definitely be able to cope with each of the levels of this timekiller in which the mechanics of the popular game 2048 are taken as a basis.

Download Ball Run 2048 Free for Android and iOS

Ball Run 2048 Ball Run 2048

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