Car Eats Car 3D

Car Eats Car 3D

Car Eats Car 3D is a new and addicting survival racing game. Save Beatly’s friends and the entire planet from UFOs.

Monsters want to enslave and turn the unfortunate inhabitants of this fairy world into zombies.

Prove that escape from a mob of rampaging monsters is not your option.

Car Eats Car 3D

Feel free to join the battle and show the invaders who is in charge here!

Complete all dangerous missions on unique levels and clear the world from invaders!

The Beatles, Gator, Lokomashina, Tankominator and other legendary predatory machines are now visible in all their splendor from all sides!

Car Eats Car 3D

Each car has a unique feature that makes it unique.

They will help you defeat dangerous aliens! Bomb, bite, ram at speed and win!

Download Car Eats Car 3D Free for Android

Car Eats Car 3D

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