Juice Run

Juice Run

Juice Run is a game that uses juice to parkour. You need to manipulate a juice of one color, eat the juice of the same color to increase yourself, and at the same time avoid other colors of juice.

If you encounter other colors of juice, you will become smaller. When you reach the end, the bigger your juice, the more diamonds you will get.

Parkour adventure that will keep you on your toes till the very end! Race, Clash, and Win!

Juice Run

How to play in Juice Run:

  1. Move left and right
  2. Avoid different color juices
  3. Touch the juice of the same color
  4. Change colors
  5. Reach the end, victory

Game features:

  • The gameplay is simple to get started and can’t stop at all
  • Drink juice, of course, collect the largest glass of juice to drink
  • The view of the beach makes it easy for you to decompress
  • Lots of unique levels
  • Crisp bright graphics
  • Super smooth swipe control
  • Rewards and gifts
  • Free games

We are looking forward to getting feedback from all of you! Please leave your comments.

Download Juice Run Free for Android and iOS

Juice Run Juice Run

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