Crowd Fish 3D

Crowd Fish 3D

Control your fish crowd, pick the best gate and skip the obstacles like; mines, nets, opposing crowds.

Collect lots of pearls and become even a bigger fish! You can upgrade your fishes and your fish crowd size.

Try to reach a maximum number of fishes to pass the level!

Become the biggest fish crowd of the Crowd Fish Run!

Crowd Fish 3D

If you are looking for some fun and thrill? Then this 3d running game is just for you.

Important features of the game:

  • Simple and intuitive game with easy-to-remember controls
  • Just swipe to control your fish crowd
  • Pass through the best gates to increase your fish crowd
  • Destroy the opposing fish crowds and do not hit the mines!

How big is your fish?

Download Crowd Fish 3D Free for Android and iOS

Crowd Fish 3D Crowd Fish 3D

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