Marble Run 3D

Marble Run 3D

Marble Run 3D is a fun runner game where you can collect and merge with marbles along the way to create the biggest marble. At the end of each level in this game, you will be rewarded for your marbles.

Watch out for red spikes on the run way; You will lose your 3D marbles by hitting them.

How to play:

  • Slide your finger to move the 3D ball
  • Let it run and avoid the obstacles to protect your colorful marbles

Marble Run 3D


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Great ASMR feeling
  • Lots of levels to explore
  • Merge and grow bigger!
  • A lot of different marbles to unlock

Are you ready? Download Marble Run 3D now and enjoy one of the most satisfied ASMR games!

Download Marble Run 3D Free for iOS

Marble Run 3D

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