Mutant Run 3D — Lab Race

Mutant Run 3D - Lab Race

Run from the lab on an ultimate challenge in Mutant Run 3D.

In this game, you play as a mutant that can change forms on the run from the lab. There are lots of different forms, you can mutate into different animals or even mutate into Sirenhead!

Each form has its own unique controls and advantages, so you need to adjust instantly. Overcome all obstacles, and win!

Mutant Run 3D - Lab Race

There are different obstacles on your way – security mutants that shoot you on sight, laser beams that can cut you in two halves, walls that you can’t just run around.

Each mutant form has its own advantages, race against the odds and choose wisely which form is most suitable right now!

Download Mutant Run 3D Free for Android

Mutant Run 3D - Lab Race


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