My Little Universe


My Little Universe

Amazing entertainment that is perfect for gamers of any age as a leisure time, and will also brighten up your everyday life and provide an incredible experience, wherever and whenever you want.

In My Little Universe, you can create an ideal planet in your opinion, on which you need to extract minerals, process them, and then use them for construction, gardening and more. But, you will be opposed by primitive monsters who will do everything to prevent your plans from coming true, are you ready to resist them?

At the beginning of the game you will control a little man who arrived on an unknown planet on his own spaceship, and as you complete tasks, you can create a magnificent planet.

My Little Universe

There are 15 different types of resources in My Little Universe, it is important to mine and use them wisely, while you will not have a magic hammer or trident, but only a pickaxe and the desire to work.

My Little Universe will delight you with an easy and meditative gameplay, stunning 3D graphics and a great atmosphere that will not let you get bored.

Download My Little Universe Free for Android and iOS

My Little Universe My Little Universe


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