Humanimals 3D

Humanimals 3D

People love changes! Especially from human to animals. But humanoid animals. Tiger, Cat, Dog, Panda, Crocodile, Eagle. Which do you want to be?

Collect green tubes to return into animals. But when you get red tubes, you are returning into human back. Collect green tubes as much as you can!

You can check how changed with cat icon at left middle.

You will have some enemies on the way. You will fight with them. It is written above them how strength they have.

Humanimals 3D

You will relax while playing. You will get rid all your stress. This game is for you!

Simple but addicting gameplay and visual feedback will make you happy. Funny gameplay will bind you!

Can you get all green tubes and get ulti mode? When you are in ulti mode all obstacles turn to green tubes. It is time to show yourself and prove us that you are a returning master.

You will have great fun while turning from human to animal and returning from animal to human.

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Humanimals 3D

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