Tall Man Run

Tall Man Run

An addictive that will become excellent leisure for both adult players and young gamers.

In Tall Man Run, you will take part in very exciting competitions where your character must run through an obstacle course, and bots that are stronger and larger than you will become your main opponents.

Your task is to get to the finish line safe and sound.

In order to successfully complete levels and prevent bots from defeating you, it is necessary to make your character grow in size to such an extent as to surpass his enemy.

Tall Man Run

With the help of collecting bonuses while running, you can not only become stronger than your opponent, but also more, easily overcome obstacles.

You can now download the game for Android for free and appreciate the balanced casual gameplay in the spirit of cult timekillers, gambling atmosphere, excellent graphics and physics, as well as a lot of exciting levels.

Download Tall Man Run Free for Android, iOS

Tall Man Run Tall Man Run

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