Master Doctor 3D

Master Doctor 3D

In Master Doctor 3D Simulator, we turn into an emergency doctor who has to deal with unusual illnesses and injuries

When someone decides to study to be a doctor, but does not think about the most incredible cases that he will have to deal with. So, in this game, the strangest things will happen to patients, and we will have to treat them.

Master Doctor 3D is a medical simulator in which we will turn into an ambulance doctor. At each level, we will have to accept, examine and treat the next patient with some kind of disease.

Treat the sick and become a professional doctor!

The gameplay is quite simple, since all actions can be performed by touching the screen.

Master Doctor 3D

The passage of levels is based on a series of mini-games in which we will have to perform some kind of manipulation: treat insect bites, check the patient’s reflexes, look for broken bones.

After downloading the game, we get the opportunity to easily and naturally spend time in the dressing gown of the medical staff with a sense of humor inherent in doctors.

Download Master Doctor 3D Free for iOS and Android

Master Doctor 3D Master Doctor 3D

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