Wugy Tower: Hero Castle War
Wugy Toy Factory was formerly the most famous toy factory in the city until a series of worker disappearances happened. Some former employees believe that
TankCraft: Tank Battle
The task of this game is to defeat infected opponents and bosses! Build a mighty tank capable of defeating all enemies and their bosses!
Merge Master Blue Monster
Merge Master Blue Monster
Merge, Fight and Challenge yourself to become the king of Merge Master Blue Monster Are you ready to take part in the other Fused world, the world Toys
Dinosaur Merge Master Battle
Merge your dinosaur army to go into battle and get the biggest dino on the block with the aim of merging all the dragons to have enough power to fight
My Singing Monsters
Raise a monster pet, then feed your musical monster to help them grow. Take care of a collection of fun monster characters in this free musical game for
Minecraft – New Version
Minecraft – this is truly an exciting game in the genre of “sandbox”, which takes place in the open world created from a variety of blocks
Master Doctor 3D
Master Doctor 3D
In Master Doctor 3D Simulator, we turn into an emergency doctor who has to deal with unusual illnesses and injuries When someone decides to study to be
Twerk Race 3D
Twerk Race 3D – Running Game
Twerk Race 3D is a very bright and exciting competition made in the best traditions of arcade runners. The user is invited to manage an ambitious lady
Tall Man Run
Tall Man Run
An addictive that will become excellent leisure for both adult players and young gamers. In Tall Man Run, you will take part in very exciting competitions
Monster Draft
Monster Draft
Monster Draft – can you choose the best monsters? Monster Draft is a fun team-building game with famous monsters. Choose the strongest monster card
The best games of 2021
The best games of 2021 – TOP10
Last year was a tough one, but video game fans had nothing to complain about: not only did a number of outstanding games come out, but two new consoles
Minecraft Mods
5 Best Minecraft Mods Based on Popular Movies and TV Shows
Minecraft is the famous voxel sandbox that provides the player with almost unlimited freedom, has never stood still. There’s something here for every