Gerand — Bent Barrels

Gerand - Bent Barrels

In the single-player mode, each warrior will find an interesting map for themselves, and more than one! For example, «Winter Forest», «Ruined City», «Wasteland», where you can improve your combat tactics and sharpen your sight.

But you need to be on the alert, because aside from ordinary tanks, the Boss may suddenly appear on your way — and the battle with him will not be easy!

Storm Mouse, Patun — their names make you tremble with fear. Imagine what will happen on the battlefield! Remember — you need to withstand the attack of the Boss with dignity in order to continue the passage.

Gerand - Bent Barrels

In 1×1 online tank battles (and soon there will be 2×2 online mode), you will have to fight an opponent you randomly get on the battlefield. Hold out in this war for 60 seconds, or more, destroy the enemy, and game coins will ring in your piggy bank!

And with them, you can improve your tank and buy a booster.

Play Gerang tanks online every day, because you will find daily rewards for improving tanks and upgrading boosters.

Download Gerand — Bent Barrels Free for Android and iOS

Gerand - Bent Barrels Gerand - Bent Barrels

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