RACE — Rocket Arena Car Extreme


Get engaged in third-person ultimate fighting. Use a shield and rockets to win. Show a real action movie! This is a burning cocktail of survival races and battles on wheels.

Participate in Arena battles and show the real action. Destroy your enemies on the derby arena and push them into fire traps, huge morgensterns, chainsaws and other destructive obstacles. Roaring engines, smoking tires, damaging collisions and above all Speed!

Choose a weapon to your liking: missiles, bombs, machine guns, and various electric devices. Slow down the time and wipe out your enemies. Harness your aggression and guide a flock of cruise missiles towards the gangs of hostile offsprings. Crazy and dangerous driving is a good thing in this racing game because risks are needed to beat your enemies.

RACE - Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Each vehicle may be levelled up as high as level 30. When a vehicle is levelled up to levels 10, 20 and 30, it gains unique body kits that improve its performance even more.

Participate in battles of different historical epochs! Experience the thrill of driving under steep cliffs and get away from sand storms. Explore ancient Egyptian ruins and other wonders of the world. The Aztecs and Mayans, the Egyptian gods and other gangs will never give you a break. Set your foot on the road of outrage in an attempt to find what you cherish most! You decide the rules on the track while you drift, drag, bump, collide, fire and overtake to finish first!

RACE - Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Make the most out of the vehicles available to you. You will find many American muscle cars, the European classics and the Japanese drift vehicles! Each vehicle is equipped with everything you may need to inflict the maximal damage to your opponents. Those monsters on wheels will cope with any off-road conditions. They will melt the asphalt on their way to fury. Win action-packed races and earn rewards to collect your ultimate off-road race car.

Choice between two types of controls so you decide which way of playing the game suits best to win those crazy battle races.

Have you ever wondered if the tank is half full or half empty? Only a positive attitude rules in this action game — the tank is always full, just like your car. No need to wait for several hours to restore energy. You can always rush at full throttle without any limits!

RACE - Rocket Arena Car Extreme

R.A.C.E. — Rocket Arena Car Extreme — is full of epic explosions, destruction and effects. Press nitro — get even more adrenaline, and let your enemies breathe dust. The change of day and night, the neon signs and tricks will never let you get bored. If you like to play with beautiful graphics and no brakes, then this is your choice! You can change the graphics settings to improve the gameplay quality and smoothness.

Get prepared for the battle for the rank. Many players fight to become the first one and to grab the main reward — the all-time champion title. Nitro Boost is mandatory! Collect turbo while you hit that gas pedal and leave all other race cars behind.

Download R.A.C.E. Free for Android

RACE - Rocket Arena Car Extreme

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  1. PKK

    This was an exciting race for the kids to see who would be the fastest one while being cheered on by the crowd.

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