Dino Bash

Dino Bash

Dino Bash — bouncy action, which takes place in prehistoric times. The user will take part in the confrontation of cavemen and dinosaurs on the side of the latter.

Lead the dinosaurs in a Jurassic tug-of-war battle against primitive humans to defend your egg from their merciless appetite. Build ground defenses, deploy aerial attacks, and summon dinosaurs to avoid extinction.

Dino Bash

Insidious people will try to capture the eggs of great lizards, which will gather an army and RAID.

The player is necessary to repel the groups of people using different types of dinosaurs. Each of the ancient animal has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to use them wisely.

Also, the user will have access to a variety of bonus attacks.

Download Dino Bash Free for Android and iOS

Dino Bash Dino Bash

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