One Level 3: Stickman Jailbreak

One Level 3

One Level 3 is the third part of an exciting saga about the adventures of a stickman hero named Tommy , which by the will of fate for the third time ended up in jail. In One Level 3: Stickman Prison Break, you again have to help the protagonist and help him escape from prison. But this time you won’t have to easily, because this prison is filled not only with security, but also with deadly traps, as well as elite bosses, which only the strongest players can defeat.

Level Bosses

One Level 3: Stickman jailbreak will delight you with superbly thought-out gameplay, featuring high dynamics and an amazing balance of platform and puzzle genres. Explore levels, avoid meeting the enemy and solve complex problems using only intelligence! Fight epic bosses and defeat them with your mind, unlock unique achievements and experience yourself in a completely new, epic adventure.

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One Level 3: Stickman Jailbreak One Level 3: Stickman Jailbreak

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