Among Us

Among Us

Among Us! This game is where an incredible adventure in outer space awaits you, but for this you need to assemble a crew and prepare your spaceship for departure. Launch parts of a huge mechanism, find malfunctions and, if necessary, improve the characteristics of your ship, it must be ready for all the unexpected dangers that open space is fraught with.

Among Us

But remember, one of your crew members is an impostor, be on the lookout and don’t let him ruin your plans.

Play online with 4-10 players, but be careful, some of them may turn out to be a traitor. He will sabotage work, try to spoil your ship, arrange sabotage, set traps and enrage you in every possible way. Join forces with friends, go through the most interesting missions in open space and deal with the traitor.

Download Among Us Free for Android and iOS

Among Us Among Us


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