Scribble Rider

Scribble Rider

Scribble Rider is another successful and incredibly addictive project from the eminent developer VOODOO, which will help you pass your leisure time in a fun and interesting way, wherever and whenever you want.

There are very simple rules, easy-to-learn game mechanics, colorful game design and intuitive controls, so that gamers of all ages can enjoy the game to their fullest. Are you ready for some insane and incredibly interesting tests of your wit?

Scribble Rider

Here you have to overcome many obstacles and dangers in your unique vehicle, and you will also draw wheels yourself, which would help you cope with difficulties on this section of the path.

So, you can draw wheels of the most bizarre shapes and sizes that will help you overcome lakes, high fences, ice surfaces, mountain slopes and other unusual obstacles, which are more than enough in the game. Amazing leisure time and tons of fun challenges await you in Scribble Rider!

Download Scribble Rider Free for Android and iOS

Scribble Rider Scribble Rider

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