Stacky Dash

Stacky Dash

Stacky Dash is an isometric logic puzzle. You have to slide your finger so that the hero can go from the beginning of the maze to its end.

Exciting gameplay, progressive difficulty levels and nice graphics are waiting for you. You don’t need a permanent internet connection to play.

Stacky Dash is a simple but addicting time killer that takes care of battery life and helps you spend your time not only with benefit, but also with fun.

Stacky Dash

Playing as cute characters, you will collect boards around the map, but you have to do it thoughtfully. If you turn the wrong way and cannot collect all the boards, the level will have to start over.

Even if it sounds extremely simple, do not worry, with each level the task will become more difficult, thereby forcing you to move your brains well.

The game also has bonus levels that will bring more coins. By watching ads, the reward can be increased by as much as 5 times and buy new characters.

Download Stacky Dash Free for Android and iOS

Stacky Dash Stacky Dash

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