Twerk Race 3D – Running Game

Twerk Race 3D

Twerk Race 3D is a very bright and exciting competition made in the best traditions of arcade runners.

The user is invited to manage an ambitious lady with a very curvaceous, who goes on a date with her lover.

The thing is that the waiting man is quite picky – sometimes he likes thin ones, and sometimes he likes ladies with very lush buttocks and breasts.

The user will have to take into account different trends and tasks, run through the levels and overcome obstacles, grab food or try to avoid it.

Twerk Race 3D

Get in and out on your first run, speed up, jump and roll.

Grab jars of anabolics, collect vitamins and burgers, go on diets, and if necessary, burn calories with the help of special techniques.

Get funds for reaching the finish line and additional resources if you have earned the necessary waist measurements.

Carry out various improvements, use the sea of ​​interesting opportunities!

Download Twerk Race 3D Free for iOS and Android

Twerk Race 3D - Running Game Twerk Race 3D - Running Game

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