Wobble Man

Wobble Man

Wobble Man is a casual stealth arcade game that will delight you with a simple one-touch controls, fun levels for wit and ingenuity, as well as addictive gameplay and minimalistic 3D design.

Here you have to play the role of a secret agent, who was entrusted with the most difficult mission, namely, to conquer many floors of the building and sneak unnoticed to the very top to get the coveted key.

Wobble Man

Difficulties and obstacles await you at each level, for example, such as guards, who patrol the area tirelessly and are able to complete your adventure as soon as you are discovered.

The further you go, the more difficult it will become for you to get to the stairs to the next floor, are you ready to test your logical abilities and ingenuity in such interesting tests? Colorful skins for the main character, simple controls, exciting levels with increasing difficulty, stealth gameplay and exciting leisure — all this awaits you in Wobble Man.

Download Wobble Man Free for Android and iOS

Wobble Man Wobble Man

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