Stair Run

Stair Run

Stair Run is a game from VooDoo that boasts an addicting gameplay, high-quality graphics and convenient controls.

  1. Practical operation, flexible control, easy to play this interesting game, challenge all levels.
  2. Collect cubes to build a ladder and wish you a higher scorer.
  3. Simple graphics, magical gameplay, suitable for all types of players and friends.

A relaxing and fun casual game. The gameplay is very exciting. Players can experience extremely novel gameplay. There are also various strange gameplays waiting for players to experience. Require players to use their own power to avoid, this is a test for players. Hourly speed, countless level challenges and endless fun.

Stair Run

Stair Run is a fun parkour game with an extremely magical style. Unlike previous pure parkour, players need to manipulate your character to move as many blocks as possible on the road of parkour. Another novel game mode. Fun game process, challenge more interesting blocks to move, and see your own block movement ability. have fun!

Download Stair Run Free for Android and iOS

Stair Run Stair Run

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