Evo Pop

Evo Pop

In this colorful and exciting arcade game from the developers who gave us such a masterpiece, like cut the rope, you have to fight your opponent and create an incredible number of creatures from one.

The more creatures you create, the greater your chances of winning, and you can also endow them with unique skills and abilities, feed and do many times more so that they can absorb smaller representatives of your opponent.

Evo Pop

So, in Evo Pop you can try out different strategies and compete in three exciting game modes that will put your logic and tactical skills to the test.

You will be able to try out various strategies for the evolution of your creatures and find new ways to defeat the army of your opponent’s creatures, compete for the title of the best, as well as appreciate the colorful graphics, physical gameplay and the ability of creatures to interact with the environment on the playing field.

Download Evo Pop Free for Android and iOS

Evo PopEvo Pop

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