Ropeman 3D

Ropeman 3D

Ropeman 3D — an action game with minimalist visuals, offering the player battle enemies using an unusual weapon in the form of a rope with a hook. With the means at each level, the user needs to kill one or more enemies.

This should be done, starting hooks directly into the bodies of enemies or objects that can cause great damage. Successfully passed the stages will allow you to get the bucks that you can buy new gloves, caps and installation of the starting rope.

Ropeman 3D

Take aim and get your opponents off track! Toss your grappling hook and tear down the platforms that your enemies are standing on or simply pull objects down on top of them. Whether you’re tearing down water towers, pulling attack choppers or blowing up explosive barrels, there is so much you can do!

Download Ropeman 3D Free for Android and iOS

Ropeman 3D Ropeman 3D

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