UFO Money

UFO Money

UFO Money is here your goal is to absorb various items and get paid for them! From simple bicycles to entire buildings!

But keep in mind that earthlings will not sit idly by! Police squads will be sent after you to prevent you from absorbing your targets!

They will do anything to stop you – and you will have to destroy them!

UFO Money

Are you ready to go for the best planet-eating game? Can you eat the whole world?

Would you be surprised if you find out that controlling a flying spaceship is actually very simple?

You can do it with one finger! Just slide your finger across the screen, fly up to the object to be absorbed!

Then, an absorbing beam will automatically pop out of the ship. It will suck in your target and destroy your enemies! That’s it!

Download UFO Money Free for iOS and Android

UFO Money UFO Money

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